Pre-Register My Copyright

Disclaimer: If the copyright Office rejects your claim Copyright Essentials LLC will not refund application fee. Copyright Essentials LLC will assist with registering a new claim with corrected or original contact accepted by the U.S. Copyright Office. Please ensure your Tangible work is original.

$250.00 per Registration

Pre-registration is for works that are NOT complete and clients want to protect their Intellectual Property (Example: If you have unfinished album/collection of 10 songs and 5 are completed and 5 are not completed, you can protect the 5 completed songs by Pre-registering works from being stolen by someone in the public). No work needs to be submitted with a Pre-registration and only Pre-registration necessary to submit to Copyright Essentials, LLC. Once all work is completed you will have to submit work as a collection to Copyright Essentials, LLC for an additional $160 per Registration to be registered as a Standard Registration.

The Pre-registration needs to be submitted as a Registration 30 Days from the date of publication with Copyright Essentials, LLC.  

No work needs to be submitted with your Pre-registration because the work is incomplete.



Register My Copyright

$160.00 per Registration

The Standard registration process takes up to 6 – 10 months to receive a copyright certificate.

File Type CD
Quantity: 5 each
Cost: $160 per Registration
Copyright total: $800

The Standard registrations process takes up to 8 months to receive a copyright certificate.

NOTE: If you have more than 25 titles, photographs, works within a collection each additional title will be an additonal $5 per title (example: 25 titles, logos, songs, poems, movie titles, documents) etc, the total cost for (5) additional titles/works are $25. Intellectual Property will be submitted 48 hours after confirmed payment to Copyright Essentials, LLC. 


Expedite My Copyright

$1,200.00 per Registration

Registrations for standard copyrights are examined within 6 – 10 months.

The above costs include all the government filing fees, correspondence, written documentation, communication, local and state taxes.

Note: Intellectual Property will be submitted after payment is confirmed by Copyright Essentials, LLC. 


Accordingly, Copyright Essentials, LLC will treat all submissions as confidential and/or privileged information. Documents, materials, and work products have been generated, created by or communicated by Copyright Essentials LLC, relating to any activity or project undertaken as part of the Engagement and will not reveal any such information, documents, materials or work product to any person or utilize any of them in any way except as directed or approved by you; provided, however, that, subject to the provisions of this Agreement, Copyright Essentials, LLC may reveal such information, documents, materials or work product pursuant to government process after prior notice to you when possible and to the extent permissible by law under the circumstances to afford you an opportunity to challenge such process at the discretion and expense of you and/or Client. In the alternative, subject to the provisions of this Agreement, should you and/or Client so direct, Copyright Essentials, LLC will undertake to challenge such process at the sole expense of you and/or Client, provided that such challenge is permitted by law under the circumstances.

*Final Copies of the original work will not be returned by Copyright Essentials, LLC.