Information below is an understanding statement to the application.

Copyright Essentials, LLC is not aware at this time of any conflict of interests (originality of your work) that would preclude Copyright Essentials, LLC from providing services to you in this Engagement. Copyright Essentials, LLC is not responsible for monitoring for such conflicts during the course of the Engagement. Should Copyright Essentials, LLC become aware, however, of any such conflict, upon reasonable notice to you, Copyright Essentials, LLC may withdraw from and terminate the Engagement at that time.

If you have an electronic copy of your work, a copy of the work can easily be uploaded upon completion of the Standard application. If the file type you plan to upload to our office is not listed, you need to convert the file to one of our acceptable file types. Also, for convenience you may mail a hard copy of work to the address below:

Copyright Essentials, LLC
6511 Hazelwood Ave.
Rosedale, Maryland 21237


You may submit a work for pre-registration only if it meets these three criteria:

  • the Intellectual Property must be unpublished;
  • the Intellectual Property must be in the process of being prepared for commercial distribution in either physical or digital format, film copies, CDs, or computer programs  to be sold online; and
  • the Intellectual Property must be one of the following types:
    1. Movies and Films
    2. Music recordings
    3. Music and Lyrics
    4. Books, Literature, Manuscripts, Poems, Screenplays, Dissertations, being prepared in a publication in book form.
    5. Computer programs (including videogames) and websites
    6. Artworks, Paintings. Photographs


All Pre-registrations are required to be registered as a Standard or Expedited registration when it is published.

Benefits of Pre-registration of Work:

If you think someone will steal or infringe on your work before released. If you have started work but have not completed.
You can Pre-register work only if:

  • Your work is published
  • Creation of your work has begun
  • Your work is being prepared for commercial distribution and
  • Your work is one of the following (Movie/Film, Music only Composed Music,  Computer Programs, Video games, Books and Advertising Photographs).

Computer Programs (including videogames)

Definition from the copyright law, 17 U.S.C. 101: A computer program is a set of statements or instructions to be used directly or indirectly in a computer in order to bring about a certain result. 

From Compendium of Copyright Office Practices, section 321.03: The Copyright Office considers source and object code as two representations of the same computer program.

To be eligible for preregistration, it is required that:

  • creation and fixation of the computer program, i.e., the code, must have already commenced;
  • the claimant in the work can verify that he has a reasonable expectation that the work will be commercially distributed

The effective date of your preregistration is the date that the Copyright Office receives your online application and filing fee in acceptable form (No work needs to be submitted with a Preregistration).

The Copyright Office will send you a Notification of Pre-registration by email after the claim has been approved.