• Authors of Your Work:  Give the name of the person(s) who will be the author(s) of your specific work or register a specific organization.(e.g.  First, Last name of Person(s) or Organization)
  • Additional Authors: The author is the original Copyright person or Organization or the Copyright transferred. They must own the copyright authorship.
  • Authorization of Work: Contact information for a person/organization to be contacted regarding Copyright or authorization to use this work.
  • Book Cover: The cover of your book is copyright if you’re the original creator of the book.
  • Citizenship: Citizenship is normally associated with the right to work and live in a country and to participate in political life
  • Domicile: The country that a person treats as their permanent home, or lives in.
  • Expedited Registration: Cost $1,200 to receive your Copyright Certificate within approximately 10 business days of work being submitted to the US Copyright Office.
  • Logos: Logos are protected by the creators original artwork. Any ornamentation is NOT covered.
  • Mail Copyright Certificate to: Name and address to mail the Copyright Certificate
  • Previously Copyrighted Work: If you don’t have previous Copyrighted Material.  If you do have a previous copyright, provide is the Copyright Registration number
  • Point of Contact: Contact (Copyright Essentials) if you have any questions.
  • Summary of Registration: Person/Organization must be certified by the Author, Point of Contact, or Owner. (Name of certifying person).
  • Work Title(s): Main Title of your work and additional titles.

Example: If you have an album write the Main Title and each additional title supporting the main title is an Additional title. Once your work is copyrighted you will not be able to use any of these titles again. Note:  If you submit more than (25) titles there will be an additional charge of $5 per title.